Nana's Tea

Milk tea series

Special black tea paired with specially selected non-dairy creamer, and soft and chewy tapioca

Nana's Tea

Fruit tea series

The refreshing fruit tea series is a perfect combination of high quality fresh fruit and premium tea, with the addition of natural sugars giving the taste rich in flavour and a unique experience.

Nana's Tea

Cheese and milk with tea

The mixture of fresh fruit and its unique tea base, letting the sweetness of fruit assimilate into the tea, topped with light and creamy cheese foam. The sweetness of fresh fruit meets the savouriness of cream cheese, giving a rich experience to the taste buds every sip.

Nana's Tea

Cheese tea

The Cloudy series is a mixture of cheese foam and premium tea, the tea fragrance is elegant, the light tea fragrance lingers in the mouth, quenching thirst! Add the cheese milky foam, shake well and mix, an element of richness is added to this experience

Nana's Tea

Fruit cream cheese

The sweetness of fresh fruit is whipped into a refreshing smoothie. The aroma of fruit and jasmine tea blends together with silky hand-made yogurt, bringing unexpected delightful taste

Nana's Tea

Egg Waffle

The golden brown colour of the egg waffle is set against the strong egg aroma, making it extra delicious and tasty. The outer shell is crisp, and soft inside, with different textures, on entering the mouth, making it unforgettable, and with smooth cream, the taste is layered


Brand Story: Nana’s tea started its journey in 2020 in a small town called Bray. The brand wishes to convey the authentic flavor of tea to its consumers. The limited seasonal series is launched to represent the purity of fine tea to its clients. Seasonal fresh fruit is used in the production process, with no fruit juice or jam added. The product is removed from the shelf at the end of the season to introduce clients to the excellent taste of fresh fruit and delicate tea. Finley selected premium class tea as the tea foundation, which is then neutralized with natural sugar. To its extent, it has a pleasant and delicious flavor. It is the ideal option for a warm day in Ireland. This series is already available in shops, and it includes our best-selling Mango Cheezo, Strawberry Cheezo, Cheezo Melon, Mixed Berries Cheezo, and others.